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Chris Epley


Serving Our Community with Local Pride

An Experienced Leader

Chris is an award-winning leader with the right experience. He practices appellate law as the chief appellate attorney in the Vandalia Municipal Court and also earned judicial experience as a part time Magistrate in Dayton Municipal Court. As a partner and then a firm owner, he knows what it takes to lead effectively.

A Public Servant

Chris is a dedicated public servant that cares about our community. He teaches at the University of Dayton School of Law, sharing his knowledge and experience with students who share his passion. He was a member of the Oakwood School Board and still serves on their City Council to make a true impact on our community.

A Local Voice

Chris was born, raised and married in Dayton. He works locally in his law office in Dayton, but he has also practiced in all six counties that make up our district. While his professional roles are important, they are secondary to his roles as husband to his wife Eileen and father to their children Jack and Lily.